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  • Next thing you know it’s gonna be “They” “We” “Me” “You” “Everybody” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • "I'm making my own water!" Goddess level

  • Shout out to my man Michael Moore for bringing me here!

  • Season 4 Ending was unsatisfying, but the whole story was very awesome.

  • now we have (you)

  • 2:41 haha)

  • Katara looked like a ninja in thumbnail

  • Gonna miss Alex...were those allegations proven in court ?

  • Ok Jorrdan Peele copycats

  • Kyle reminds me of young Josh Hartnett :)

  • *Whatcha gon’ do...* Eryka Badu: *when they come for you?* 😏

  • Has nothing in common with the book other than the main characters name.👎👎


  • Absolutely love this show and the actors😂

  • What this has to do with prime video I don’t know.

  • Being a single parent myself I find this so real 👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽💕🇺🇸

  • make an r6 movie c’mon surely

  • I love hearing you two talk about Fleabag. I hope there'll eventually be a video about Claire.

  • The Return of The 90’s Cartoons *“W I T H A V E N G E N C E ! ! ! ! !”* 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

  • If only Korra was on Prime Video as well.

  • Amazing actors but poorly written show with pure exploitation on black racism trauma. I was disturbed but I was not entertained.

  • Nice👍

  • Why are so many movies so dumb today doing too much

  • Okay if you are a white teenage boy a woman or a baby you might not want to go see this cuz black people are targeting you of course if you're a grown white man they cower

  • Wolfenstein video game brought me here 👁👄👁

  • Gay Gay Gay Gay GAY

  • TV shows like Daredevil, Punisher and The Boys are meant for mature audiences. Not snowflakes.

  • The best ¡!!

  • Jordan peel write this?

  • bruh black version of john wick lol

  • First it was Us, then it was THEM, next it will be YOU

  • You know what makes this more appealing to us? Is because they really show how worse a superhero accident can get, and at the perception of the victims. Current blockbuster superhero films only mentions it or shows only the minimum of it, so we'd still vouch for the superheroes. For instance, I understood Zemo had a really good stance for vengeance but we'd still take the Avenger's side because it was just an isolated accident in saving the world, not to mention we didn't even see a glimpse of what Zemo experienced except only in storytelling. I much more felt Hughie's experience, especially it was a direct superhero accident causing the obliteration of her girl.

    • Now I am curious about Flash's accidents.

  • There is no way that a group of girls survive on an island like that :)))) No WAY..

  • The music in this sounds really good.

  • Here from Tom Segura's recommendation, on JRE

  • The cat in the bag scene was bit too disturbing

  • Este sin duda fue el mejor acierto de amazon

  • The only thing these feminists have in common with each other, is their unequivocal hatred for men.

  • Shows like "THEM" will do nothing for the black communities that watch it, they do little but maintain the trauma and only serve to inspire the white people who don't really care what black people have been through and still go through. Film makers; put your time and effort into creating stories and characters that inspire black people to go out and do something constructive, to go out and change the world or to become something that they never thought they could become. We need to see characters that are smart, inspirational, that are heroic. Many other cultures have these in abundance. Content like "THEM" doesn't help heal, teach, lift up, bring together. The only watchable part was seeing a Beautiful looking, dark skinned black family, which is uncommon. So as far as I'm concerned stop wasting time, stop selling out and stop maintaining the trauma. Create content that makes us lift each other up and want to do better because there're many others who are happy to typecast us in the supporting role, the sweating role, the running role, the I must protect the white lead role, the I desire you average white woman over the beautiful black woman role, the big black scary man role, the criminal, the fool, the first to die roles... because they have no desire to see us in positions superior to their heroes, especially the ones that look like them, and nor should they... we should be doing it for ourselves!

  • Súper movie !!! Great acting. !!!

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




  • Is she the kid actress from crooklyn?

  • Hold on...HE'S BRITISH???

  • How many time I watched this trailer ? I don't know, to much I think.

  • Says something that my iphone has been telling me to turn my music volume down for 2 years and within 30 minutes of watching this film I'm 100% in agreement

  • D

  • nice, want new series

  • She’s plays the character well. She’s a brilliant actor.

  • Has left me so far feeling disturbed tbh 😫 but I just couldn’t stop watching! Bwoyyy this one was a weird one!! 😐 the way they killed the baby tho stuck in my head for days 😶 i think I’m definitely done with watching anymore of this it’s deep man...

  • bruh

  • Yoo this is so fucking good wtf?!?! Wasn't expecting that AT ALL

  • One of my best discoveries of 2021....(I'm late, I know) the third season (episode 6) there is a moment between two characters (timestamp 3:06 - 3:53) this moment felt so genuine, I actually was amazed how they accomplished this. Please just watch all the seasons...and hopefully you'll experience the same thing!

  • From the makers of "Us". Coming next,"Y'all".

  • What’s next, “Me” ? 😂

  • Worth a watch shocked at the reviews because this was nothing special.

  • Great performance from underrated Riz but the film itself was not great and definitely not worthy of a best picture. I’m actually disappointed with it

  • Halfway through Episode 4 on this and its dreadfully terrifying. The best kind of horror.

  • Where can I watch for free ?

  • Those who didn't watch John Legend at the end

  • Her husband did all the real genius work. He built the piezometer and even urged marie to study radioactivity for her thesis only possible because of his meter. Hmmmm. The movie is a feminist lie showing marie measuring radioactivity before he gave her his electometer and before he urged her to research radioactivity that no one could measure without it

  • I just discovered this series last night. I think Amazon just does a poor job of advertising. Too bad they cancelled it because so far I'm loving it but only have a few more episodes to watch and then that's it. :\

  • e

  • Where can I watch the show without buying prime? Lol

  • This is a house of God isn't it? Mary: More like a crack house of God

  • When is the second season!!!!!!!

  • This movie is too much its exhausting

  • I wonder if shes actually racist considering how natural the part came for her and all the other white actors


  • I just binged-read the whole comic in one day and it’s awesome ! I’m really looking forward to how this animated series will go on, since similarly to Walking Dead, there are differences in the scenario, characters and designs.

    • Where can I watch the show, tryna watch it for free lol

  • I only got half way through before I was too depressed to carry on. Ain't nothing good happening in this show.

  • Very satisfying film. Wish it had been longer. Being a granny myself, I love seeing powerful older women who blend into the background but pull the strings. Margo Martindale was superb as always. A solid 4-1/2 stars.

  • Pp